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Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a live band is new to most people. Who do you book? When do you book? What will the band need? Do they just turn up and play? What happens when I book the band? The questions are endless. To help you book your live band, we've provided many of the most Frequently Asked Questions along with answers which apply to Saintz. No doubt there may be questions you have which aren't covered here, in this instance, don't hesitate in contacting us. We'll provide a swift response to any query.
How Much For A Live Band
How much do you charge? This depends on a number of factors which are too numerous to include here. As a guidance, our most basic fee for a local event playing our standard repertoire is 750. Please contact us in the first instance to obtain a quotation for your event.

Can You Play In A Marquee
Can you perform in a marquee? Yes, but please bear these facts in mind. 2 separate power sockets capable of delivering 13A each are required (not a multi-way adaptor). If a generator is used, it must be able to provide at least 7.5kW. The marquee must be fully covered, water tight, both top and sides. The marquee must be easily and safely accessible. Marquee stage area must be at least 6m x 4m.

How Far Will You Travel
How far will you travel? We are based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, North East of England - we are able to travel to most destinations throughout the UK, although the quotation will take travel distance and time into consideration.

Special Requests
Can you play specific songs? We are certainly able to consider learning specific songs for an event booking, although time restraints and song feasibility play the ultimate bearing factor in this. Any requests must be made at the time of booking to avoid any disappointment.

How Loud Do You Play
How loud do you play? A six piece live band does carry quite a bit of volume, but no more than your average DJ - and more importantly, the quality of the sound is considerably better. A good live band will produce a wide range of dynamics, compared to CD/DJ music which is compressed and 'in your face' all of the time.

Live Band Requirements
How much space and equipment do you need? We can play at any type of venue, the only requirements being: Minimum stage size of 6m x 4m and access to two mains sockets capable of delivering 13A each. If it is an outside event, the band must be suitably protected from weather elements and provided with a power source fully compliant with our regulations. No further equipment is required. PA & lights are all provided by Saintz.

Band Provisions
Do I need to provide anything for you on the day? The main requirement is that of a suitable changing room. This will be private and secure, ideally with a mirror. Please note that toilets are not acceptable as changing rooms.

Of course, access to any refreshments or buffet on offer is always welcomed and makes for a happy band!

Insurance and Safety
Do you have the necessary insurance and test certificates? Yes, in order to comply with the requests of many venues, Saintz have their own public liability insurance covering them for 5m.

For the safety of the band and your guests, all mains equipment owned is regularly PAT tested. Copies are available upon request.

How To Book Saintz
How do I book Saintz? Bookings are secured by contract and a 100 deposit. The outstanding balance is due by cheque no later than 14 days prior to the event. On the night or non-pickup payments are only available for agencies and corporate clients by prior agreement.

Please note that no date is secured without the aforementioned deposit. Tentative enquiries do not constitute a booking or reservation. Saintz will receive many enquiries for the same day, we will accept the first contracted booking with deposit. Therefore book early in order to avoid disappointment.

Live Wedding Bands
Do you play totally live? Yes, Saintz comprises of keyboards, drums, bass guitar and lead/rhythm guitar. Saintz do not use any backing tracks of any form, nor the use of sequencers. Being a true live band, Saintz can truly play live and instantly adapt to the audience, making for a successful event.

The use of backing tracks and sequencers (despite what some bands may say) will seriously dampen the 'live band' aspect. Do not pay good money for this type of band, as they are simply no more than a glorified DJ & karaoke show!

Sound Limiters
The venue has a 'sound limiter' - is this a problem? Yes it is. In our experience, most sound limiters are not 'live band' friendly, they often trigger during performance and quite ironically during audience applause!

Sound Limiters are designed to control DJ style music, this is quite different to a live band which has a much greater dynamic range. It is our recommendation that if you persist with the venue, that the sound limiter is turned off for a live band performance. Failure to do so will inevitably result in the show being interrupted and your event being spoilt. The venue, nor will Saintz, accept any liability or losses due to this. You have been warned!

Preview Wedding Bands
Can I see you play before booking? Unfortunately not, as most of our gigs are private hires. However we do occasionally host showcases for potential new clients as well as past ones, you would be more than welcome to attend one of these. For a more immediate viewing, we are happy for you to attend one of our rehearsals by special appointment. Whilst we will not utilise the full sound and lighting system at a rehearsal, it will give you a chance to meet us and hear us play in a more informal situation.

Live Band Events
What kind of events will you play for? We really don't mind what kind of event it is. If it requires a good live band, we'll be happy to oblige! Events would typically include: weddings; birthday parties; anniversaries; work parties; summer balls; dinner dances; corporate events; business promotions; forces balls & functions; school proms

Audience Participation
Can my friend sing or play a song with you? Absolutely. Engaging the audience is what we're known for! We can work this into one of our sets if it is for a set piece, or why not consider one of our 'extras', such as the karaoke package. This will enable us to deliver a whole session of audience participation.

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